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    Omg, so much more fun than the cars at Craig's cruises. Hard not to spend $100, it's kind of addicting!
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    Fun and fast electric go-karts. About twice as fast as Craig's Cruisers electric go-karts. You will have to use both the gas and brakes!
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    Electric cart racing sounds boring, but these are FASTER than gas. Torque is astounding. For grownups only. Get the 3 race pack. You'll be glad you did.
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    We just had our company Christmas party here. It was an absolute blast! I cannot say enough about the staff. Super helpful and genuinely friendly. The owner should be proud of their employees. Do yourself a favor and come here.
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    GR Grand Prix is a really fun time. The owner and staff are friendly and accommodating. At my most recent visit, I did 3 races, and spent 2 hours there. After being home for an hour, my arms are still sore, and I'm still smiling. Now I just need to convince my boss to have our company holiday party there.
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    I host multiple corporate events monthly and this was the easiest and by far the best location to mix business with fun! The 2nd floor offers a large TV available for presentations. I rented the entire venue for a private event and was able to combine a presentation with an activity all could enjoy. The racing was excellent, the go karts are faster than I expected and the track can be challenging depending on your speed. The food was very good, my event included 30+ people and there was enough leftover to feed a dozen more.
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    Hands down most fun I've had at any go karting place. Must see it to believe it!
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    Fun, high-speed kart track. Fun tracking and reporting system tells you how you did. Two levels to view from. Watch what other drivers do to learn tricks of the track from the 2nd floor.
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    Really nice staff and a fun, technical and unique track. You’ve got to get your braking dialed in to get fast lap times, or you can forget about that and drift like Vin Deisel all over the place
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    Fun and fast electric go-karts. About twice as fast as Craig's Cruisers electric go-karts. You will have to use both the gas and brakes.
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    I love this place! We always have so much fun. Tad more expensive than racing Go-karts anywhere else, but they go a lot faster.
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    Just went here for a work outing and it was a lot of fun! We had 3 races each and pizza/pop. The race track is very technical and requires some skill and arm strength to muscle through the turns.